Our company registered in Malta since 2010, we are carrying out a lot of activities locally and internationally in all fields including international trade, general contracting, engineering consultancy, oil services, training and comprehensive education, tourist services. We provide Investment chances forour partners if fields of industry, agriculture, tourist.


Water And Energy

Transfer the advanced Japanese and American technology in the field of water and energy.

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Maintenance of oil wells

Maintenace of oil and gas pipelines and valves, Organization and maintenance of reservoirs.

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Training Coursers

Oil and gas training, Comprehensive Engineering Training, Assisted Medical Professions Training.

International Trade

Food, Medicine, Oil and its derivatives. Quality is our motto, success is our goal.

Medical Services

Supply of medicines and medical equipment, Transfer the high Japanese technology in the field of medicine, Maintenance of hospitals and medical centers.


We care about the marketing of oil and its derivatives, we are interested in marketing food, we are interested in providing raw materials from African countries.

The first international conference for the environment

The First Libyan International Conference for Environment

orora company, the representative of the Free Bird Group, is honored to attend The First Libyan International Conference for Environment. In the state of Tunisia.
To register, visit the conference site

We offer you the best investment opportunities in many fields in Libya.

Oil services ( pip lines oil and gas, valves, packaging, cleaning tankers), Unlimited Investment chances (industry, agriculture, tourist). Freebird Group is Your transited partner, utilization of your time and accurate work, With love we build Libya.

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mr bashara
Executive Manager and Sales Manager